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We intend to produce various products for wide range of fields, centering around agricultural machines.

As an agricultural machine manufacturer, as well as a special manufacturer of the 3 POINT LINKAGES for tractors, we have tried our very best to contribute to development of Japanese agriculture in the past 60 long years. We promise to provide products that meet the needs of domestic and overseas markets. Also, based on the assembly technologies that we have cultivated over the years, we will also provide products for the new field of health and longevity industry, and positively make a social contribution. Ever since our foundation, we have provided agricultural and industrial machines that contribute to labor-saving and increase the food production output. DELICA will listen to our customers and aim to become a company that provides products that helps safety and security of food production. Our basic stance of monozukuri (manufacturing) is represented by our philosophy.

Takahiko Kaneko, CEO

Corporate Philosophy

Our company is run based on the philosophy as follows:

Company mission
(importance of existence)
Consideration We always intend to contribute to the prosperity of our clients and employees, as well as community, with the spirit of consideration.
Business domain
and main activity range
Newness We always intend to understand the changes of the times and develop a new business, without settling for the current situation.
Our Business Attitude Sincerity We intend to always remember the spirit of gratitude and service, and run the business sincerely.
Employees' code
of conduct
Creativity We intend to create good relationships and always challenge to the issues with creative minds.

Main Business

Quality Assurance

ISO9001 Main factory
ISO9001:2015 acquired

ISO9001:2015 acquired

DELICA has acquired ISO9001:2015 and registered our quality management systems. Through customer service activities, we strongly hope for social contribution, as a result of our whole staff establishing a trust relationship with our customers.

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